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New York Aircraft Associates - Sales & Acquisitions
Aircraft Acquisitions : NYAA is committed to providing you with corporate jet aircraft to satisfy both your needs and requirements whether it is your first acquisition or one of many, New York Aircraft Associates is part of your team, looking out for your best interests in every transaction.

Purchasing a private jet is an exciting yet overwhelming experience that requires professional expertise and a deep understanding of the aviation business market. Our network of aircraft specialists have access to the most comprehensive listing of private and / or business aircraft for sale from around the world. We will analyze your situation based on your requirements, then use this information to locate the best private aircraft. There are several important criteria to consider when seeking an aircraft that matches your needs, including:
  1. The financing of the aircraft.
  2. The aircraft's base of operation.
  3. Your travel destinations, which influence your requirements for aircraft range, speed and size.
  4. Your requirements for the aircraft's interior configuration.
Once these factors have been reviewed, we can then draw on our worldwide net work of global owners and operators to search both private and public listings of available aircraft with the utmost discretion. Our expertise is exceptionally valuable to you during

  1. Sensitive negotiation procedures
  2. Finalizing the contract
  3. Carrying out the pre-purchase inspection of the aircraft
  4. Government Formalities
  5. Closing the transaction
  6. De registration , import formalities
  7. Assistance with Escrow transactions & the payment process
  8. Registration in India

NYAA matches your needs to the right corporate aircraft, ensuring that when you acquire an aircraft, you understand what is involved throughout the entire process. . We can provide you with an Operational Safety Report of each aircraft to ensure operational safety. We also negotiate terms and complete a business review of the documents, ensuring that you receive the best possible results.

We walk with you step-by-step, ensuring that you are satisfied with your aircraft purchase.

We also provide our assistance with the delivery of the aircraft and offer continued support for all your aircraft Management or operational requirements through our complete range of services.

Mission Identification

What is most important to the buyer or seller is the most important consideration for our experts.

  1. How much flying is expected and where will you fly frequently ?
  2. What are your budgets, finance arrangements ?
  3. Should the aircraft be more economical in the long range for maintenance, upkeep and operational costs or should your private jet be economical in purchase price for the initial cash outlay ?
  4. What is the goal for the flights of the aircraft, is it to fly a number of passengers to the same destination or is it to fly a group needing to interact during the flight ?
All the relevant issues regarding the level of luxury, passengers, distances, seating, entertainment options, food service, needs and desires are important issues to consider as each available aircraft is being considered and evaluated while you are looking for a Private aircraft transaction.

Sales : Our private jet sales professionals have a wide range of experience in the industry and understand how to best price and position your aircraft. Your private jet will be analyzed by our experts and be up for sale. We compare each private jet to current and historical private jet sales as well as accepted industry pricing data to determine the right price.

Contact : New Delhi +91-8527144600