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New York Aircraft Associates - Overview
At NYAA, we are well known for our progressive, thorough and services oriented approach to aircraft sales and acquisition. We set ourselves apart continually with our attention to detail and our aircraft evaluation and sales application.

Our Company is built on relationships. Because of the trust we have developed with other aircraft brokers, dealers, service providers and manufacturers, we can advise our clients with the most accurate and timely information available to help them make decision.
We also use these valuable relationships to find the best aircraft for our clients, to find qualified buyers for our sellers and to help procure aviation services for our clients. When working with buyer, we assist them define their mission and match an aircraft to it. We analyze the total potential cost of each aircraft today and over its life.

While partnering with NYAA the purchase of a private jet means working with some of the industry's most experienced private jet professionals. Our experience in hundreds of private jet transactions and extensive technical and regulatory knowledge will enable you to find the exact private jet to meet your needs.

Acquiring a corporate aircraft is a complex process. The acquisition process begins internally with an analysis of your required mission. This will help you determine if whole ownership, Fractional ownership, charter travel or some combination is the best solution for your needs.

In today's business jet marketing, it is important to be able to discern a good buy. Our knowledge and understanding of the market place and changing values can save you considerable money --- both in the initial purchase and down -the-road, with respect to maintenance considerations, service items, and resale of the aircraft. We are constantly aware of the market and the factors affecting it. If you already have a business aircraft and are considering upgrading or downsizing aircraft, we will work with you through the like-kind exchange process to ensure that you are able to limit capital gains and maximize the tax benefits available to you.

Our experience includes the full range of corporate jets and business aircraft. From turboprops and light business jets, From mid-to- long-range corporate aircraft, our experts have extensive hands on experience in acquisition, sales, management, flight operations and maintenance. We work directly with individual and corporations in the process of acquiring and replacing aircraft, both new and used.

Our budgeting process uses our client's actual fixed costs and specific details of each aircraft under consideration so that our clients know exactly what they are buying and what they can expect over the upcoming five years. Our technical staff then oversees pre purchase inspection to make sure that we independently verify the details of the aircraft and its history.

For your acquisition to be a successful experience you must make sure that you completely understand the aircraft that you considering purchasing ahead of making an offer. This includes understanding its history, its compliance with upcoming regulations, projected future costs and much more. When representing an acquisition, NYAA follows a very detail-oriented and thorough approach to the process. The results of their unique approach are successful acquisitions at great prices with clients who are informed about their aircraft its future operations.

Frequently, we are also called upon to appraise business aircraft a clients is considering, either for the buyer or their financier. We have worked with individuals, corporation, and airlines on both acquisitions and sales, which provides us with a keen sense of the market and what is realistic with respect to real aircraft values.

Our clients include individuals, small and large corporations and aircraft manufacturers. The relationships last far beyond the deal: Over 75% of our business is from repeat clients and referrals.